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Do you currently have a backup of all your company data? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? What would your business do in the event of equipment failure?

​Freiburger Communications will help you create the ideal disaster recovery plan. Using our backup solutions we will ensure that your data is safe and secure to give your business a peace of mind. 

Freiburger Communications offers onsite and offsite (Cloud) backup solutions. 

  • Freiburger Communications Cloud Backup offers our clients a peace of mind that their data is secure and located right here in Canada.

  • Then we go one step further and encrypt each file or folder before it is uploaded to the cloud using the encryption key, you the client, provided during the set up process.

  • With the use of data compression with up to a 2:1 ratio we are able to maximize the data storage and allow you, the client, to pay for only the storage your data is using. No more flat fees per month with overage costs.

  • Minimal initial set up fees, low monthly license costs and low storage costs makes Freiburger Communications Cloud Backup a very cost effective and secure service.

  • You do not have to purchase any additional hardware like some other companies.

  • You have full control over the restoration and backup process. After the initial set up you can change the amount of data being backed up at any time, including the retention time.

  • Automatic full backup on the initial upload of data and then incremental backups are processed until there is a 65% change in the files. Then an automatic full backup takes place.

  • Software is really a set it and forget investment with the automated reports generated for each backup. Although we never suggest you forget about your data.

  • Ability to backup Exchange Server Mailboxes at the bit level and also backup SQL databases as required. These features are only available in the Server Licensed software.

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FC Cloud Backup Key Features

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