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Freiburger Communications is proud to have partnered with ACTi Corporation, the leader in IP video and surveillance providers. ACTi Corporation, founded in 2003, is an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider, covering all the way from security to business management solutions.
The core value of ACTi is to deliver these solutions through in-house developed technologies applied to its whole product line.
These products include IP cameras, video management software and video analytics that are seamlessly unified.

What do you get with ACTi technology. 

  • Crystal Clear Hi-Res images and seamless video playback. 

  • A vast product range for any area coverage - anything from residential to commercial buildings, to large outdoor areas. 

  • Live video updates

  • Remote Access and control from computers and mobile devices. 

  • Video Intelligence to immediately analyze events, quickly know if something has been changed, damaged, stolen etc. 

  • Create custom rules to more efficiently manage areas - Setup a no access area, that will notify you as soon as motion is detected. ​

  • Integrate POS systems to your ACTi System to monitor your transactions and catch fraudulent activity. 

  • Intergrate your existing Access Control Entry system to ACTI to add video surveillance to your security system.

Too Many Features to List!!

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